Our Story

When our founder and Chief Cookie Creator, Derik White, was growing up he found himself on a one way path to a life of destruction. His days were filled with drug and alcohol use and many other risky activities. After making a family dinner one Sunday his mother suggested he go to culinary school to pursue a legal and less risky lifestyle. That day he researched and decided on a culinary school. A few months later he packed his bags and left his small Kansas hometown for culinary school on the west coast.
While excelling in his classes he found the same lifestyle and returned to using drugs and alcohol. Having had a spiritual awakening he gave his life to Jesus and made plans to return home. Once life calmed down for him he followed The Lord’s plan for his life and returned to school to work toward becoming an Addictions Counselor. After graduating he pursued a career in helping people overcome alcohol and drug addiction. He helped people in an outpatient treatment facility and those incarcerated throughout the state of Kansas.
While working in the prisons he decided to show instead of tell others how to change. He started an in-home bakery (Derik White + In-Home Bakery = The WhiteHouse Bakery) and began making cookies to sell at the local farmers market. By doing this he was able to show his current and past group members they can find or create and sell a legal product and not destroy lives. As he builds the company he would like to hire people working to change their lives to give them a healthy work environment and help them find their legal, God given talents and passions so they too can pursue a legal avenue and improve their future and positively impact their own family.